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What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You.

The integrity of a business is only as high as the integrity of the information that supports it. Diginome gives organizations a revolutionary way to maintain high information integrity and thereby reduce corporate risk. Our patented DataDNA™ technology delivers unprecedented information transparency along with game-changing capabilities for ensuring granular integrity of digital information, continuously and completely. With DataDNA, organizations can quickly “connect the dots” to identify flawed processes and prevent digital disasters. learn more


Always - on Transparency

Create continuous information integrity validation, and use visual forensics to quickly isolate integrity problems

Revenue Protection

Protect/recover revenue from defective business processes and controls

Certified Data

Achieve 100% certified data as a trusted foundation for informing business activities and decisions


Create an undeniable cross-application audit trail for data provenance

Reduced Risk

Implement information integrity monitoring to expose integrity violations as soon as they occur