Information Reliability and Compliance

Doctors smallDiginome DataDNA is a next generation solution for healthcare agencies, researchers, payers and providers providing real time business intelligence with guaranteed data quality and heredity visibility. DataDNA at the core of healthcare decision-making and reporting provides the user with real-time high quality information driven by on-demand needs. DataDNA allows companies to tap directly into their many databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insights to employees, management, and business partners to find new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, reallocate resources, and improve operational efficiency as well as verify research and diagnostic information and comply with statutory regulations. DataDNA is highly flexible and can be easily configured to meet user needs across a wide range of applications:

Financial Analysis Healthcare organizations need visibility into the full scope of financial operations., including analyses of costs and revenues, view data underlying cash flow statements, and compare planned versus actual income and margin.

Marketing Analysis Reporting on patient satisfaction supports the goal within healthcare organizations for increased accountability among healthcare providers, DataDNA can also be leveraged for marketing purposes.

Statutory Reporting and Compliance Data DNA’s real-time reporting with guaranteed, auditable data integrity enables healthcare organizations to confidently meet statutory reporting requirements including HIPPA compliance and ensure accountability from all team members, managers, executives, and directors.

Quality Performance and Safety Analysis DataDNA can analyze an individual’s history and risk profile to determine the likelihood of increased resource consumption based on information such as accelerated use of healthcare services, drug use and patient demographics. We can provide performance comparisons across quality, patient access, patient satisfaction, utilization, and financial data in accordance with HEDIS standards established by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Claims and Clinical Data Analysis By analyzing and monitoring claims, DataDNA can help healthcare providers and payers determine the biggest risk areas and devise the most effective rate structures. Advanced analytical capabilities offer predictive analysis that enables healthcare organizations to analyze risk across the network, detecting anomalies tied to errors or fraudulent claims in real time.

Electronic Health Record Integrity DataDNA’s audit and data control features can be used to guarantee the integrity and privacy of EHR’s within internal data sources and also in the transfer of records electronically over the internet and in other external data sources. Alerts relating to any anomalies in EHR management are provided in real time.

Patient Care Analysis By increasing information sharing with patients and offering patients self-service functions, organizations using DataDNA allow patients to take ownership of their care, leading to improved outcomes. Diginome enables the right people to access the right information at the right time, delivering a single analytical platform to healthcare providers for sharing information with patients for better decision-making and connecting patients across hospital, nursing home, physician office, and community social support settings.

Operational Performance Management Healthcare organizations can respond to the intense pressure to cut costs by employing information solutions that monitor opportunities to improve operations, spotlighting inefficient uses of resources and unnecessary overhead costs.

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