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Subway station smallTraditional public transit systems are in the midst of change that requires that business be done in very different ways. Multiple use fares, more Internet activity, movement away from cash to credit transactions and pressure for higher levels of service and efficiency all mean more data and the need for increased data integrity and visibility. The transit business by its very nature is a high volume transaction business, particularly in metropolitan areas. Diginome is designed for mass transactions and lends itself readily to aggregation, visibility and security in the transit world. The Diginome mass transit technology and business model have been developed with the goal of providing ROI to the mass transit client by addressing the following concerns:

  • Lost or Stolen Media
  • Credit and Debit Fare Transaction Reconciliation
  • Management of Expired Media
  • Fraud and Hacking
  • Equipment Efficiencies Including Vehicles and Trains
  • New Technology Integration

Diginome is projected to generate savings of a minimum of 2% to 3% of revenue annually while (or by) dramatically changing the enterprise risk profile. In some cases we have demonstrated savings over 5% of revenue. Unprecedented visibility, maximum security and ROI are the objectives.

DataDNA Transit Capabilities

  • Real-time electronic reconciliation and visualization of all individual fare transaction information from media encoding and point-of-sale (POS) to collection and general ledger (GL) posting.
  • Eliminates the need for manual transaction reviews and reconciliations. Invaluable for high volume mass transaction electronic bank card and near field implementations.
  • Solves data issues related to the rapid implementation and adoption of electronic transactions.
  • Readily harvests fare media data from any AFC data base. Diginome is totally agnostic to brand or data format.
  • Compares all fare transactions to credit card processor settlement information and bank deposits in real time.
  • Manages charge-backs in real time with complete traceability of transaction detail.
  • Secures bulletproof continuous audit of the entire fare collection process ensures compliance with statutory requirements and enhances PCI compliance.
  • High level security built-in as part of the Diginome technology.
  • Forensics capability allows “after the fact” analysis and verification including management of expired media data .
  • Standard transit management templates, summary reports and custom user screens give all stakeholders the knowledge needed to manage information integrity in real time.

Additional Information

DataDNA’s Engine and Rules Engine both capture and categorize all characteristics of all data values. The rules engine thereby allows the transit authority the capability to identify specific characteristics for special tracking such as “High Risk” or “Potential Fraud”.

DataDNA’s visualization interface enables completely flexible insight for executives, managers, auditors and regulators into the workings of the transit system on a real time basis. The UI’s flexibility provides custom reporting and visibility into such transit concerns as critical data paths, exceptions and control centric characteristics. For example, a UI report might focus on fare reconciliation paths, a physical problem location, equipment efficiency and usage or any thread of other critical data entries. Since the UI is highly flexible it is readily customizable to meet client needs.

The product uses existing or custom API connectors to register and track the characteristics of all data values in any application, from the time of their creation to their end of life. Diginome thereby solves all problems related to maintaining data integrity across multiple platforms and clusters. It is thus the ideal application for transit systems where multiple, disjointed legacy platforms and long life data create major data integrity issues.

Diginome is a member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

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